Best Tattoo Numbing Cream: You Need To Overcome Painful Session

If you are reading this article, chances are you are considering getting a tattoo soon. Whatever your reason is, there are some things you need to consider before inking.

First and foremost, you need to carefully contemplate on a tattoo design, then you will need to decide on what body part you want it; take note that some areas are more painful to tattoo compared to others. Next, you will need someone reliable to finally do the whole tattoo process. And lastly, you need to be fully aware that it is going to hurt.

A lot of people think that pain is a part of the process of getting a tattoo. Well, I have some news for you, it is not! For this, we will be needing tattoo numbing products.

There are many kinds of numbing products you can get, however, you have to be careful since not every numbing product is safe to be applied on tattoos; choosing a wrong product might just result to your ink being ruined. But don’t worry, I have searched everywhere just to search and make a review of the best tattoo numbing cream, gel or spray available in the market today.

If you want to know my recommendations, then please keep on reading below.

How to Find the Best Tattoo Numbing Cream?

Tattoos last forever! So after going through the steps of getting a tattoo, next thing you should consider is what tattoo numbing cream to use.

1. Do you have personal or family history of allergies?

You need to be very careful about what you will apply to your skin, allergies can be very hard to deal with. I remember how uncomfortable it was dealing with my allergies the last time I used acrylic paint on my skin for a birthday party.

Tattoo numbing creams contain analgesics which have been known to cause allergies to some people. So if you are allergic or have a history of any irritation with thus drugs, don’t take the risk.

2. What is your experience of using anesthesia and pain relievers

Have you used anesthesia or pain relievers before? Take note that these medications may lead to severe side effects such as vomiting, addiction, etc.  If you went through these side effects before, you’re better off without this product.

3. What is your level of pain tolerance?

We all have different pain tolerance level. Some people can tolerate more pain compared to others. If you have a lower tolerance for pain, then you might want to opt for a numbing cream with higher concentrations of active ingredient, especially Lidocaine.

There are already several scientific studies as well as medical research which have confirmed that numbing products with Lidocaine are the most effective in minimizing the pain associated with getting a tattoo.

4. What is its pH level?

It would be best to opt for a numbing with a pH no more than 7. This is because high pH level means more alkaline range. Alkaline agents can change the surface properties of your skin and may have the possibility to change tattoo pigmentation and ultimately the color of the tattoo.

So you have to be careful with this, a numbing product that lessens the pain of tattoo process, but only leaves you with a disfigured or dull tattoo will overthrow your purpose of getting inked.

5. Choose a non-greasy product

Numbing products that are non-greasy will less likely affect the ink of tattoo or will get the tattoo distorted. Make sure also the product promise not to cause any damage to the tattoo.

Five of the Best Tattoo Numbing Cream

Vasocaine Tattoo Numbing Spray

More than its fun and attractive packaging, Vasocaine Tattoo Numbing Spray is effective since it is the only product in this article with 5% lidocaine. This FDA-approved numbing spray has been developed by Dermal Source, a company based in the United States, who has been producing a first-class cosmetic product for more than 12 years already.

What makes this product different is that it needs to be applied over a broken skin. This means that you will be spraying the product over a small extent of the tattoo after it has been finished.  Since it comes in an efficient spray bottle, you will have no problem using the product all.

After spraying the product, allow your skin to absorb it for around one and a half minute, then make sure to remove any leftover. Its numbing effect should completely take effect after five minutes, this means you don’t have to wait too long, unlike other numbing creams.

But the product’s main advantage is that when you feel its numbing effect has begun to wear off during your tattoo session, you can just spray the inked area with two to three more sprays then you’re good to proceed again. I must say this product is perfect to be used if you have booked lengthy tattoo session.

Furthermore, Vasocaine Tattoo Numbing Spray comes with active vascular constrictor that makes sure that bleeding, swelling and bruising are less likely possible to occur since it is restricts the blood to flow into the area during the entire process.

But remember the product won’t be effective at all if you apply it over the unbroken skin. If you want to apply this product before your appointment, you need to break the skin first. You can use a derma roller in the area where you want to get inked, the micro-needles should be able to break up the skin as well as allow Vasocaine Tattoo Numbing Spray to seep in without drawing any blood.

Link product:


  • It is efficient in numbing the area and helps you undergo the tattoo process with ease.
  • It comes in an easy to use a spray bottle that makes application to your skin stress-free.


  • Some users report that its numbing effect doesn’t last that long. They complained that it started hurting after the tattoo has been made.

Lidocaine Blue Tattoo Numbing Gel

Here’s a very well-known tattoo numbing gel highly recommended by several tattoo artists. Lidocaine Blue Tattoo Numbing gel is manufactured by a California-based company of anesthetic specialists. The numbing gel has been called blue gel apparently because of its bright color blue look.

This product comes with a 4% Lidocaine mixture and  2% of Tetracaine. It also contains an active vasoconstrictor to help minimize the possibilities of bleeding, swelling and bruising as well as to extend its numbing effect.

I like how all of the ingredients have been exceptionally combined together to make sure the gel got the greatest possibility of delivering the ideal numbing effect through various different circumstances possible.

Just like Vasocaine Tattoo Numbing Spray, this numbing gel must only be applied over the broken skin too and it won’t be effective if you apply it before the tattoo making actually begins. So let your tattoo artist know and suggest that he works only over a tiny area of the skin first before you rub the numbing gel. However, the true beauty of this gel is that its numbing effects start really quickly, just between two to five minutes. Plus the effects would last longer, on an average of around two hours.

What I like about this numbing application compared to  the regular numbing creams is that it means there’s no need to be messing around your home just to apply the cream, then wait for so long just for the product’s numbing effect to kick in.

Just don’t forget to get rid of any gel leftovers from your skin before the artist starts your tattoo, or else, the skin might become slippery, that can be difficult for an artist to work on. Also, it is being discouraged to keep on applying Lidocaine Blue Tattoo Numbing Gel over the same inked area once the first application’s numbing effect starts to weaken. This is to prevent the danger of potential negative effects from excessively applying the gel.

Link product:


  • It works pretty fast. A lot of users appreciate this product since it gives instant relief after application
  • It minimizes the swelling caused by tattoo process.


  • Though it works fast, its numbing effect does not last long
  • The product is a bit expensive.

Numb 520 by Ebanel Laboratories

This is by far the best tattoo numbing cream manufactured by Ebanel Laboratories, a US-based company which has been known for developing high-standard products intended in the field of cosmetics and dermatology.

After applying Numb 520, you should begin to feel the effects of the cream after five minutes, but you have to wait for about 20 to 25 minutes to feel the maximum effect. However, the product’s maximum numbing effects last only for about an hour, which is awfully fast when compared to other similar products. Though some users said they experienced numbing for almost two hours.

What I like about this product is that it doesn’t only provide pain relief for a comfortable tattoo process, but it works well at numbing the continuous itching of a healing tattoo.

Link product:


  • Quickly delivers numbness with only 20 minutes waiting time
  • It relieves any discomfort and itching
  • It comes with 5% Lidocaine


  • It comes with cholesterol and glycol that can make your skin surface greasy.

HUSH Tattoo Numbing Gel

This FDA-approved tattoo numbing gel by HUSH has been particularly designed for tattoo use; though it has also been known to relieve pain by tattoo removal and piercing. It is probably the only most popular tattoo numbing gel available today.

The gel is recommended to be applied to a thick layer one hour before a tattoo artist can start so it can reach its maximum strength. HUSH claims that its numbing effect of this product can last up to 4 hours.

What I like about this gel is that it is not oily and it won’t negatively affect the quality of ink work or the entire tattoo process in any way. What’s, even more, is that, in addition to its 4% lidocaine, this gel contains green tea, aloe, and chamomile that will soothe the skin as well as helps minimize the redness caused by the tattoo process. Aloe has been known for being an excellent anti-inflammatory ingredient; aloe vera can even help you treat acne.

Link product:


  • With added ingredients to soothe the skin plus minimize skin inflammation
  • Safe for all types of skin, even for sensitive skin
  • Numbing effects last long
  • Easy to apply


  • Takes some time to be effective; you need to wait for 1 hour before tattoo making can start.

Topicaine 5 Numbing Cream

Topicaine 5 Numbing Cream is not especially marketed as tattoo numbing cream. It is popularly used as a numbing gel for laser removal, but it is very efficient in blocking pain as well as discomfort you might feel through the whole tattooing process.

Just like most numbing products listed above, Topicaine 5 comes with a strong 5% formula of active ingredient lidocaine. This makes this product ideal for making sure that pain will be tolerable in the area you are getting tattooed.

It will take about half an hour to 1 hour for Topicaine to totally effect. And once it is in full effect, its maximum numbing effect should last for about one to two hours.

What’s even great is that this cream is non-oily, so the artist should have no problem tattooing over the cream. This product is also free from petroleum, this means that the cream will not be clogging your pores. Soothing ingredients have been added to the cream too,  like shea butter, alpha-bisabolol, jojoba oil and aloe, so the whole tattoo process a comfortable experience.

The only negative thing I find in Topicaine 5 Numbing Cream is the amount on its tube. The product comes in a 30-gram tube, you are lucky enough if you can squeeze out more than one to two applications; though it will certainly be enough if you’re thinking of getting a tattoo over a small area.

Link product:


  • The cream is non-oily
  • Comes with soothing ingredients


  • Considering its size, this product is expensive.

Final Thought

So these are the best tattoo numbing cream, spray or gel you will find on the market today. But if have to declare a winner, I’d proclaim Vasocaine Tattoo Numbing Spray. On top of its helpful active ingredients, I like how this product is very helpful whenever its numbing effect has begun to weaken during your tattoo session, making it ideal for a long tattoo session.

So are you excited about your less painful tattoo session? Which product do you plan bringing to your tattoo session? Let me know in the comment section below.

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